In-the-know lunch crowds have dubbed this spot the “well-hidden burrito” for its near-secretive locale in an alley between 19th and 20th, and M and N streets NW. But for those who make the trek, the rewards are from-scratch burritos prepared by the same people who run C.F. Folks, the eatery across the street. Why the odd locale? While renovating the kitchen of the CNF Catering company co-owner Arthur Carlson and his partner operate found some unused space that backed into the alley. After convincing the landlord to rent it to them, the Well Dressed Burrito was born. “We’re all about pleasing the masses,” Carlson says of popular fillings such as grilled salmon or vegetables. A platter that includes a burrito, salad and refried beans is $5.25-$7.95.

Emily Heil, The Washington Post